What's new

Version 5

Release date: 04 Dec 2021

New endpoint /flow for WebSocket connections. It allows to send events as messages in the JSON format.

Version 4

Release date: 27 Nov 2021

Added more formats for actions for /data endpoint:

  • GET - data event in the query string format
  • POST - data event in JSON format
  • PUT - stream of Action Lines

Improved dashboard design.

Added the welcome page if the dashboard is empty.

Version 3

Release date: 19 Nov 2021

Added /data HTTP API endpoint for receiving incoming data.

Removed stdin reader. Use curl instead and forward stdin data with the POST request to the /data endpoint.

Version 2

Release date: 13 Nov 2021

The new flows added: Table and Text.

Version 1

Release date: 5 Nov 2021

It's the first released version. It supports Board flow and reading from stdin.

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