The Hub is available as the Docker image. It's the recommended way to execute it.


To start the dashboard, just start the container using that image and with opened ports 1636 and 6361:

docker run -d -p 1636 -p 6361 rillrate/rillrate:latest


When the instance is started, you can connect to the dashboard: http://localhost:6361

For process and render data send or forward it to the http://localhost:1636/data endpoint using GET, POST (JSON format) or PUT (Action Lines format) request.

The Hub expects data in a special format. You can read about it in the next section.

Portable version

The dashboard is also available as a portable binary for Linux, macOS, and Windows;

Since the product is under active development, it's not available for free download yet, but we will send a link for downloading to everyone who will fill the form.


When the binary is downloaded, you should allow to execute it (on Linux and macOS) by providing appropriate access rights:

chmod a+x rillrate

After that, you can run that binary.


When it starts, it opens the same HTTP endpoint as the container above.

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