Data Format

Hub reads and parses incoming data and gets actions form every line of the data.

Action Lines

Action Lines is the simple plain text format that expects actions formatted using the following rule:

flow-id:acton [param=value] [data]

The line above consists of:

  • flow-id - unique identifier of the flow
  • action - action to perform on the flow
  • param - name of the optional parameter
  • value - value of the optional parameter
  • data - additional data in the JSON format

value can be surrounded by single ' or double " quotes.

Basic actions

Every flow supports two basic actions to create or remove it.


Creates the new flow with flow-id provided in the line.

crate type=<type> [title="<title>"] [{options}]

The action expects parameters:

  • type - the type of the flow
  • title - optional title of the panel on the dashboard
  • options - extra options if the flow support it


Removes the flow.



For example, you want to add a key-value board on the dashbaord. At first you should create a new flow with the board type. Let's give it my-board id:

my-board:create type=board title="My Board"

When Hub read that line it will immediately render a panel with an empty board that has no any data. To add a key-value pair on the board use the action set:

my-board:set key="My Key" value="My Value"

It adds the corresponding pair on the board:

Board Example

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