What is RillRate?

What is the difference between RillRate and manual creating of UI?

How developers make UIs?

The software can be interactive and non-interactive.

Interactive software has a user-interface (UI) to interact with it. Developers can implement UI using different approaches:

  • GUI - graphical user interface
  • TUI - terminal user interface
  • CLI - command line interface
  • Web UI - web application

In all cases developer has to make and compose user-interface manually. And also further maintenance requires a considerable amount of time.

Non-interactive software doesn't have a user-interface at all. But this does not mean that such applications do not need an interface, for example, it would be useful to have it for monitoring or changing parameters without restarting the application.

But in both cases developing of user-interface is a long and not flexible process. That is why many bots or tools have no UI and supports command-line parameters only and prints any data to files and stdout.

How to make UI with RillRate?

RillRate is a library of ready-to-use UI components that automatically rendered on the Web Dashboard.

You can connect to the dashboard in two ways:

  • Direct - the library embeds a standalone dashboard to every app. Use a browser to connect to it.
  • Central Hub - server joins many apps into a single dashboard. Start a container with the server, connect to it with a web browser and start all apps that uses the library.