“One measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.” – Donald Sutherland

Metrics are cornerstones of a reliable application. When you develop or maintain an application you need answers to know exactly how it works and how fast. Or maybe you want to know how long your customers wait for something in your application or when you have an issue with the app.

In some professions, people often take measurements, since it required by regualtions or by law. But IT specialists oftens skip this step for a while, because they often invent something new and can’t know exactly what they will need to measure or, maybe, they are very involved in the process and do not want to be distracted by writing some service code that don’t directly relate to the product functionality. Just like we don’t like writing tests.

RillRate is a library that let you add a lot of real-time metrics to your application in a few lines of code and bootstrap automatically: fast single-page application Dashboard and exporters like Prometheus or Graphite.

It looks like you are measuring the pulse of your application or server to see it’s alive.

It doesn’t matter what is your app: microservice, desktop app, machine learning model, trading bot or a piece of hardware on the other side of the planet. RillRate will show you everything you want what happens inside that almost in real-time.

If we have managed to interest you let’s go forward.