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Pack with layouts that arranges UI components automatically.

Auto-layouts concept

Auto layouts allow developer avoid spending time on manual arranging of UI elements.

Each of the auto layouts uses own rules for the placement of elements. You can find out more about them in the documentation of corresponding modules.


To use the auto layout, you need to create an instance of it and attach it to root layout. For example, the following code creates an instance of ColumnLayout and attaches it as the global root layout to a Supervisor instance:

use way_auto_layout::ColumnLayout;
let column_layout = ColumnLayout::new("local.layout.column");
// Set the layout to the root:
// supervisor.set_root(&column_layout.flow_bind)?;


A layout that distributes elements between two columns: visual and control.


A layout that splits all components between two columns.


Adds widgets to the registry of the way-basis pack.