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Handler traits for incoming messages.

This module contains the Envelope that allows calling methods of actors related to a specific incoming message.


The wrapper for an interaction request that keeps a request and the channel for sending a response.

Interaction task that can be awaited or aattached to a Context.

Parcel packs any message for an Actor for further processing that can be done later.

An event for termination.


The priority of the sendig event.


Action type can be sent to an Actor that implements ActionHandler for that message type.

Type of Handler to process incoming messages in one-shot style.

Represents a capability to receive message from a Stream.

Listens for spawned actors finished.

Internal Handler type that used by Actor’s routine to execute ActionHandler or InteractionHandler.

The high-priority action.

Type of Handler to process high-priority messages.

Interaction message to an Actor. Interactions can’t be high-priority (instant), because it can block vital runtime handlers.

Independent interaction results listener. It necessary to avoid blocking.

Implements an interaction with an Actor.

The listener to an interruption signal.

Represents reaction to a scheduled activity.

Represents initialization routine of an Actor.

Controls where stream can be accepted to an Actor using Address.

The synchronous action (useful for rendering routines).

Handler of sync actions.

Listens for spawned tasks finished.

Termination signal handler for handling signals to terminatate the actor.

Type Definitions

The alias to sender of an interaction result.