The Week In RillRate #1

Posted October 6, 2021 ‐ 2 min read

Hi, Rustaceans! We released all the sources!

Previously, I did not publish a detailed report for a week, because I had to implement the minimal set of features and collect detailed information about the progress.

What is RillRate?

It's the fast UI framework for bots and tools. For example, it's helpful to make and own dashboard to monitor or control something.

There are some benefits you get with the framework:

It's real-time

Data delivers and renders fast.


It works out of the box. Just add a dependency to your app, crate tracers that you need and run the app. The dashboard will be imediatelly available on localhost:6361 for the browser.

Web dahsboard

It's bi-directional

It's totally synced

All instances of UI are totally synced. That means you can even use the tool from different devices and see all the chagnes instanly.

It's the full-stack (UI + embedded server) pure Rust library that helps to add real-time UI to bots and tools.

What we did on this week?

This week we released an amazing feature to create a custom layout in the Flutter style. It is also updated in real time. Just look at it:

The layout can be created programmatically or using XML file stored in the .rillrate/cases/<name>.xml file.

<layout name="Case.Tab">
      <flow path="" />
      <flow path="" />
      <text>Labels also supported</text>

In other works you or users can tweak UI interface for their needs.