RillRate Live

Dynamic UI for bots, microservices, and IoT.
Real-time rendering, auto-layout, embedded.

RillRate embeds a custom dashboard to your apps
to monitor and tweak them directly in real-time.

How it looks like?
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Reasons to try it:


Monitor to the state or the progress of your applications.

Live configuration & control

Change parameters of microservices on-the-fly without restarting it.

Hot debugging & diagnostics

Not necessary to collect everything for analysis. Get detailed data only when it required.

Interactive testing

Add controls to your app and simulate special behavior.

On-demand features

Activate special or expensive features of your apps only when you need it.

What features the dashboard has?

Supported languages: Rust, Python, Node.js

Soon: Go, Java, C#, C, C++, R. Need more?

+ compatible with Docker and Kubernetes! Just open 6361 port.




Embedded dashboard.
Single app.

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Microservices AI and ML models Chat Bots
Distributed Apps Workers
Scientific Apps Trading Bots Other Tools
Facts for GEEKS


We achieved very low latency, because we minimized amount of steps in data delivery process.


Configuration not needed. The dashboard works as soon as you started a microservice or app.


It’s written in Rust.
From libs and server to UI.

Still have not decided to try?

Find out more from us: [email protected]

The source code of the engine you can get here.