Real-time Dashboard Engine

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Web Dashboard
and remote access
Ultra-low latency
speed up to 2 ms
Auto-generated UI
driven by used crates
Full sync
between sessions
control elements
Full-stack Rust
embedded to binary
Multi-purpose packs
with UI components
Composable UI
with automatic layout
customizable frontend

Use Cases

Live Monitoring

Build a real-time dashboard for live monitoring of your infrastructure.


Render data in real-time from any apps, tools, databases, files and logs.


Control bots and apps by auto-generated UI that adapts to active parts and used libs.


Check what is happening in apps by sending the live state to the dashboard.

Admin Panels

Create own admin panel for your app without huge UI design costs.

Tools & Mech

Build standalone tools to become a equipped member of a decentralized world.

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Live Dashboard in 5 Minutes!

Learn how to visualize anything: from a local Bash script to a distributed Kubernetes mesh.


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